Welcome to #YFL

General channel guide
  • Polyglot channel. This does not limit to programming languages, you'll encounter natural language discussions aswell.
  • There is no 'OT' in #yfl. Conversations develop organically, but we try to limit the talks about religion and politics.
  • People are voiced, bots are not. You will receive your autovoice when you've been here a while.
  • We are not biased towards functional programming. Every paradigm/language is worth discussing. That said, a lot of people here do like functional programming a lot and it will come up regularly. Same for declarative, concatenative,...
  • This is truly a global community, we have people from Europe, China, Australia, the USA, Iran, South America... this will reflect in the times people are online.
  • Some people can be very outspoken, don't confuse this with trolling.
  • ski answers questions.  Try him.  Seriously.  He's scary.
  • There is a high level of sarcasm in #yfl at times. You might need some time to adjust.
  • We've had so many Vim vs Emacs discussions already, we don't really need another one. If it does happen, keep it civilized.
  • Use a proper IRC client. We don't allow webclients.