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Programming has always been one my favourites and I deeply enjoyed system programming until I came to know about this ERP thing.  Since then my focus in programming has been on finding ways to develop business applications more efficiently.


I blog on http://BahmanM.com.


Latest Site Updates

Command Line Options: How To Parse In Bash Using “getopt”
Use “getopt” in a Bash script to parse long and short command line options, enforce arguments for some options and spot dubious user input.
First Impression: Sublime Text 2
A first-glance review of the oft-lauded Sublime Text 2 programmer's editor.
Hello, World
It's finally happened. I actually understand enough Plone (with Bahman's help!) to make meaningful contributions.
Setting up Emacs with Flymake for Mercury
Quick guide on how to get Emacs have Mercury code 'flymade' so you can see the errors as you edit the code.
Comment Michael T. Richter on First Impression: Sublime Text 2
I solved the launching problem myself: http://yfl.bahmanm.com/Members/ttmrichter/yfl-blog/stupid-shell-trick
Comment Bahman Movaqar on Rosetta Code
Good one. Though not a maths fan, this one seems good too: http://projecteuler.net/
Comment Bahman Movaqar on First Impression: Sublime Text 2
Funny that I had already read it as "improved".
Comment Michael T. Richter on First Impression: Sublime Text 2
I meant "improved", obviously, not "approved". Stupid braino.
Comment Michael T. Richter on First Impression: Sublime Text 2
The Emacs fuzzy command matching is clumsy—very clumsy—compared to Sublime's. Because of this the fuzzy matching of commands *is* the command exploration all in one. [...]
Comment Bahman Movaqar on First Impression: Sublime Text 2
I thought I'd put some notes on Emacs, as you're (as you said) not an Emacs user. * Freeing up the shell: `emacsclient' with `-n' [...]
dingding's source code
The channel bot's source code.
Still needs work, doesn't have much yet.
Practical Common Lisp Exercises
A collection of unofficial exercises for the great book “Practical Common Lisp”.
Forth or a derivative of it on JVM?
Is it possible and worth to implement Forth on top of JVM?
A practical derivative of Lisp on top of JVM focusing on concurrency, parallel processing and Java inter-operability.
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
The classic text.
Interactive SICP
SICP is a very good book on Lisp and has been around since many years. This website makes it interactive.
One of the modern Lisps, this time based on Scheme.
Steel Bank Common Lisp
The most mature open source Common Lisp implementation
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Links posted in #YFL are picked up by dingding and put in this RSS feed.
Learn You Some Erlang
The best introduction to Erlang you'll get. Written by our very own MononcQc.
Erlang Enhancement Proposals (EEPs)
Erlang docs with search
Search the Erlang documentation
The Factor Programming Language
Coolest high level concatenative language out there. A real gem, make sure to check it out.
Stuff I work on, hosted on BitBucket
Personal blog
Gertm's blog.
Aggregating Content
We need to find a way to aggregate the contents located in separate user folders.
Content Organisation Method
How can we organise our content like blogs on our site?
Content Organisation on #YFL
An overview of approaches available for organising content on our website and possible pros and cons of each.