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Programming has always been one my favourites and I deeply enjoyed system programming until I came to know about this ERP thing.  Since then my focus in programming has been on finding ways to develop business applications more efficiently.


I blog on http://BahmanM.com.


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Factor example program
For the CLI project season one, I document and explain a little sample program using the Factor language.
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The PDF is annotated. Double click on the highlighted areas to pop up the notes.
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Syntax highlighter Bash script using Pygments
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General channel guide
For newcomers to the channel, this page should contain some information to get you started.
Currying In Different Languages
Snippets of currying mechanisms in different languages which support currying
A New Platform For Business Application Development
It's about my latest discovery!
Server Moved To A New Data Centre
Farewell (for now)
I just can't use this site any longer. It's time to wave goodbye.
Comment Re: Editor Support
Factor and Emacs There's an emacs interaction mode that works pretty well: Fuel Mode The elisp sources are located in $factor/misc/fuel. To get this running:  M-x load-file fu.el To load this automatically you can add this path to the elisp search path or just (load it) from your .emacs   Now on the factor side, we want the fuel api to be loaded and permanently be part of the factor.image, since it takes a very long while to load from sources.   "fuel" require save   Now we can just M-x run-factor in any factor-mode buffer and a factor repl will pop up right away.
CLI -- Collective Learning Initiative
Describing what the CLI is, what you can expect and what you'll need to invest in it if you choose to join.
Comment Getting started: An example program
I wrote a "little" post which implements a small program and explains all the steps in the process.   http://yfl.bahmanm.com/Members/Gertm/posts/factor-example-program  
Comment Re: Some strategies for dealing with scaffolding
Adding the vocab root there works, yes, but doesn't give you the ability to build scaffolding there without typing in the tedious "/home/gert/src/experiments/factor/" stuff.
Comment Re: Some strategies for dealing with scaffolding
Another way is to do everything in your .factor-rc file. This is how mine looks: USING: namespaces editors.emacs vocabs.loader ; "/usr/bin/emacsclient" \ emacsclient-path set-global "/home/gert/src/experiments/factor/" add-vocab-root