About Me

Programming has always been one my favourites and I deeply enjoyed system programming until I came to know about this ERP thing.  Since then my focus in programming has been on finding ways to develop business applications more efficiently.


I blog on http://BahmanM.com.



A New Platform For Business Application Development
It's about my latest discovery!
Command Line Options: How To Parse In Bash Using “getopt”
Use “getopt” in a Bash script to parse long and short command line options, enforce arguments for some options and spot dubious user input.
Practical Common Lisp Exercises
A collection of unofficial exercises for the great book “Practical Common Lisp”.
A practical derivative of Lisp on top of JVM focusing on concurrency, parallel processing and Java inter-operability.
Forth or a derivative of it on JVM?
Is it possible and worth to implement Forth on top of JVM?