About Me

Programming has always been one my favourites and I deeply enjoyed system programming until I came to know about this ERP thing.  Since then my focus in programming has been on finding ways to develop business applications more efficiently.


I blog on http://BahmanM.com.


Site Admin Stuff

Stuff related to site administration and organisation.

Aggregating Content

We need to find a way to aggregate the contents located in separate user folders.

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Content Organisation on #YFL

An overview of approaches available for organising content on our website and possible pros and cons of each.

Content Organisation on #YFL - Read More…

YFL Logo

This is a Gimp raw file. Feel free to edit it as Plone keeps previous revisions :-D

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The PDF is annotated. Double click on the highlighted areas to pop up the notes.

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YFL Logo (G+)

YFL Logo (G+)

This is the G+ logo for YFL. Feel free to edit it as Plone handles revisions.

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Syntax Highlighting On This Website

As a website for programmers it is necessary to provide users with some kind of syntax highlighting mechanism.

Syntax Highlighting On This Website - Read More…


Syntax highlighter Bash script using Pygments

synhi - Read More…