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Editor Support

Posted by Michael T. Richter at March 29. 2013

This thread will be a catch-all place for people to share integration tips and techniques between Factor and their favourite text editor.


I'll start with adding Textadept as an editor for Factor.

Re: Editor Support

Posted by Michael T. Richter at March 31. 2013

Textadept support is now officially part of trunk on the main repository.


YFL's CLI is already benefitting the community of the selected language!  laugh

Re: Editor Support

Posted by Hermit at April 05. 2013

Factor and Emacs

There's an emacs interaction mode that works pretty well: Fuel Mode

The elisp sources are located in $factor/misc/fuel.
To get this running:  M-x load-file fu.el

To load this automatically you can add this path to the elisp search path or just (load it) from your .emacs


Now on the factor side, we want the fuel api to be loaded and permanently be part of the factor.image, since it takes a very long while to load from sources.


"fuel" require save


Now we can just M-x run-factor in any factor-mode buffer and a factor repl will pop up right away.

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