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CLI -- Collective Learning Initiative

Describing what the CLI is, what you can expect and what you'll need to invest in it if you choose to join.

The Collective Learning Initiative is just a fancy name to say: We'll be checking out one specific language together for the next season.

A seasonal thing because, let's face it, we all have jobs, families, stuff to do!

So don't expect to have to dedicate hours and hours of your precious free time to this. The idea is that if you want to join this, you promise to dedicate some of your spare time to this. Read a tutorial, write some code, write a litte blog post about said code, but most of all: keep the conversation in #yfl about this language going.


Some people will be able to spend more time on this, others won't even spend 3 hours in an entire season. Whichever works for you.


With the CLI, we want to attempt to focus the topic in the channel just a little more than it is now.



Some practical things:

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