140 Characters of Stupid at a Time

I don't use Twitter. For any reason. Here's why.

I have a long-standing hatred of Twitter.  Every time people try to tell me how cool or useful or informative I take a peek at it and find … rampant stupidity.  Today's rant comes courtesy of this little pile of tweeted horseshit.

Service: love-15


What's that I see there?  Is that an actual invocation of argumentum ad populum?  Wow, this is starting off really good already.


Here's a thought, Michael: if you're too fucking lazy to open an account on a well-known web site, I probably don't want your lazy ass working my code.  See, I want my contributors to actually think and work on their contributions.  If signing up for a web site is too much work for you, chances are complying with coding guidelines, writing proper test cases, etc. is also too much work for you.

Next volley: love-30


So this next asshat, Mark, thinks that people should use tools based on how easy it is for others to access them instead of the project's principals.  Shit, here he's talking about one web site over another.  Damn, his brain would fucking explode if someone chose not just another web site but a whole different SCM!


Seriously, WTF is it with these Github shitheads?  Hipster languages.  Hipster web sites.  Hipster operating systems.  Then talking as if this were rational!


Advantage: G3rtm and sanity.

Another lob over the net: love-40


So, according to this twerp, making life more difficult for your core developers is "meta-optimising" because it allows lazy assholes to contribute lazy-assed work.  Got it.

Final volley: love-45


So not only is this asshat inconsistent in his belief in meta-optimization, he also somehow thinks that all code is deployed on Linux servers.  Apparently the myriad of PCs running Windows out there don't exist in his world.  Nor do the Macs running OSX.  Nor do the smartphones running iOS or Android.  Nor do embedded systems of any kind (despite, you know, the overwhelming majority of software in the world running on those).


Just how fucking stupid can you get?


Set: G3rtm and sanity.

Post-match handshake

From IRC:

<Gertm> Seems like these guys optimize for contributors to 
        their software, not for users of their software. "I
        wrote this fancy software!", "Cool, who's using    
        it?", "I HAVE 20 CONTRIBUTORS!"  It's like asking  
        "how's your sex life?", "Great, I still jerk off in
        my room but now I have 20 other guys with me who're 
        doing the same."

Couldn't have said it better myself.


As for me?  I use unpopular tools in my stuff: unpopular languages, unpopular SCM, unpopular everything, precisely as a filter to get rid of asshats like this Mark Wotton guy and this Michael Klishin guy.  They're great hipster filters.

Post Scriptum

One of the dangers of my ranting off the cuff is that someone else spots something that is such an important point that I wish I'd have thought of it myself.  Again from IRC:

<unfo-> -nod- it's funny how a lot of git supporters use 
        "well if it's good enough for linux kernel / linus 
        torvalds, then why isn't it good enough for you" and
        don't expect to get "yes, he was so cooperative with
        POPULAR scm choices that he WROTE HIS OWN" :P

Fuck I wish I'd said that myself.  :(

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Bahman Movaqar
Bahman Movaqar says:
Jan 22, 2013 01:22 PM

I've seen this mindset in the IT world very frequently now where one's world (ideas, plans, expectations, ...) are shaped by his “awesome” tools instead of the other way around. We're all like that to some extent but when this becomes the dominant way of thought for someone it's time for him to seriously reconsider his way of professional life.
Things like this may explain why we have the highest portion of abnormal weirdos in IT world compared to other engineering fields.

Anyways, most probably, I'm not any better than those people in some aspects; so I just better keep quite.