Farewell (for now)

I just can't use this site any longer. It's time to wave goodbye.

Plone seems to be built almost entirely of the 8 Fallacies of Distributed Computing.  The repeated frustrations and failures of the last few weeks amounting to many hours of lost work (in an activity I do in my very spare time for fun, no less!) have left me with a very bad taste in my mouth for this whole CMS concept.


I'm sure that in an enterprise and working on a reliable, high-speed local network that CMSes make sense.  They don't make sense for me in this context, however, it seems.  I'd like to thank Bahman for the time he put into making this site, but I just can't use it any longer.


On the plus side, I'm going to finally get off my ass, select a static site compiler and start blogging on my own.