Hello, World

It's finally happened. I actually understand enough Plone (with Bahman's help!) to make meaningful contributions.

It's taken a while (and a complete erasure of everything that was in my user folder before just to start from a clean slate) but I've finally got myself into a position where I can start contributing stuff to the YFL web site.  What I envision thus far is four main areas of contribution:

  • A YFL-specific blog (related to our community more than just personal stuff).
  • Links and essays on resource of potential interest to the YFL crowd.
  • Links and essays related to specific programming languages; sort of a high-level introduction to them.
  • Reviews of developer-oriented software like editors, compilers, libraries, etc.

Part of the reason for this is to distill the wisdom of the channel (as I see it from my perspective) and part of this is me just liking the virtual sound of my own virtual voice.

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