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How to use dingding's features

Small guide on working with dingding.

dingding has a couple of features, all of them accessible through commands:


\erldoc module:function/arity


Searches the erlang documentation for module:function/arity


\twit <searchstring>


Searches twitter for your <searchstring> and returns at most 2 tweets.




Shows the last 2 tweets of 'username'


\def <searchstring>


Searches DuckDuckGo for a definition of <searchstring>


\imdb <moviename>


Looks for a movie on IMDB and gives you info on the found movie: Rating, URL and simple plot description


dingding also reacts to URLs:


  • If the URL is a the url of a single tweet, it will display this tweet.
  • If the URL is a http page that contains a title, it will display this title.
  • If the URL is longer than 100 chars, it will get shortened and posted to the channel.
  • If the URL is a IMDB url, it will display the same info as the \imdb command but without the URL (because you obviously already have that).
  • All URLs are collected in an RSS feed:


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