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Server Moved To A New Data Centre
Syntax Highlighting On This Website
As a website for programmers it is necessary to provide users with some kind of syntax highlighting mechanism.
Syntax highlighter Bash script using Pygments
<code> <tt> and <kbd> need to be toned down
Normal text is black on white background. Code blocks are various colours on an eggshell blue background. <code>, <tt> and <kbd>, however, are white on a ...
<em> and <strong> should render differently.
<em> is traditionally italic and <strong> is traditionally bold. It seems that the CSS for the web site maps them both to bold.
The YFL Website Issues tracker needs to be visible
It was only by luck that I still had the URL to this tracker in my history. If I go to your user account or any other place on the site there's no way to ...
Website Issue Tracker
Announcing YFL website issue tracker.
Content Organisation on #YFL
An overview of approaches available for organising content on our website and possible pros and cons of each.
Aggregating Content
We need to find a way to aggregate the contents located in separate user folders.
YFL Logo (G+)
This is the G+ logo for YFL. Feel free to edit it as Plone handles revisions.